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Go from selling direct online, to being ready to sell to stockists with your perfect pitch.

Would you like to:

  • Make your retail goals a reality

  • Know what it takes to get your products on the shelves of your dream retailer

  • Start standing out and get your brand successfully stocked


Discover how to grow your brand and sell with wholesale in a way that is aligned with you in just 10 weeks.


This private training experience is for you if:
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You know you have a great product but you've been trying to reach a specific buyer and they just aren’t answering your emails.

You feel that you will never be able to get your product in front of the right people to finally get the sales you need

You realise that Google doesn't have the answer when it comes to creating a confident pitch and you know you need expert support to land that dream deal and grow your business

It doesn't have to be this way!

Tee, Bloom & Bear

“Cara has a great deal of experience as a former Retail Buyer in the wholesale sector and shares her knowledge openly."

You are in exactly the right place.
The Get Stocked Academy is designed with you in mind.
Working at home

Discover how to go from relentlessly pouring your heart and soul into selling your products online to creating your perfect pitch ready to confidently approach and sell to your dream retailer.

Just imagine 3 months from now and you are........

crystal clear on a plan to seek out and connect with your ideal stockist to get yourself in front of the buyer

managing your pricing and profits with ease as you've records at your fingertips 

confident to deliver a pitch your ideal stockist couldn’t say no to as selling no longer feels salesy

Or best of all, your ideal stockist finds you!


is to create and craft your brand’s pitch in 10 weeks or less, ready to showcase your collections to your dream retailer so that you can get your fabulous products stocked on their shelves.


During our time together I will guide you step-by-step through my unique Get Stocked Sequence which was developed with 20+

 years working as a retail buyer listening to pitches.

You will go from frazzled and frustrated to pitching expertly with aligned products as you finally have access to the expert support you'd wish you'd known about sooner.

The Get Stocked Academy is a private training experience that includes 6 core modules:

PLACE: Turn on your radar: Locate the power of your brand to get yourself in front of the buyer.

PEOPLE: Connection: Understand who you are selling to, to hit the perfect pitch straight out the door. 

PRODUCT: Curate your collection: Reveal your brand’s inner purpose with the clarity and confidence your collection is shelf ready.

PRESENT: Refine and shine: Perfect your uniqueness so your products stand out to buyers.

PRICE: Money Makers: Know your numbers to ensure profitability for you and your stockists.

Spark the synergy: Give your pitch the edge to present your brand as the perfect fit for your ideal stockist.

About Me

I have worked in retail buying for over 20 years for major UK retailers including Harrods, Paperchase, Disney, Waitrose and Garden Trading. Having been lucky enough to have sourced products globally, negotiated multi-million-pound deals and grown thriving departments I now use my wealth of experience to support ambitious product-focused brands, sharing strategies and insightful practical advice. I am proud to say I am a Judge for the Gift of the Year Awards 2023 for the Gift Association and I am also a Business Mentor for Enterprise Nation.


What does getting your products stocked mean for your business?

I know selling your collections to stockists is a game changer for your business. But for many, the fear of losing creativity, loss of control or diluting profits holds them back.


If this is you too, know that when wholesale is well-managed, it does not lead to any of those things, in fact, quite the opposite.


Here are the 3 Main Benefits Of Getting Stocked:  

  • Increased brand exposure 

  • Significant financial gains

  • Release time to be more creative thanks to streamlining your processes for larger orders

In my experience, brands often see a 60/40 split of wholesale business versus their direct-to-consumer business once they’ve got stocked.   Imagine if the value of your current direct-to-consumer business was just 40% of your total business and you had another 60% coming from wholesale.

Example: If you currently have a 20K turnover selling direct to consumer, getting stocked can increase this turnover on average to 50K

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I’m feeling excited for you right now and where getting stocked could lead your business when you join the Get Stocked Academy.

The story behind the Get Stocked Academy:

Let me be honest- selling my services didn’t come naturally to me. However, I wasn’t going to let selling stand in my way. Selling made me feel very uncomfortable but I knew I had to overcome this if I wanted to be successful in having my own business.


Retail is something I am so passionate about and I really wanted to help independent brand owners successfully sell to stockists, but I felt like I wasn’t connecting with them, and something was missing. 

Now it has all changed. I have discovered a new way to package my services that gives results, truly focusing on what an independent business owner needs to pitch to retailers.


I’m excited to share The Get Stocked Academy with you so you can go on to successfully scale your business, and see your products on the shelves of your ideal stockist.

Curated modules with video training divided into bite-size lessons (valued £1770)

Private 90-minute coaching sessions via ZOOM (valued at £3600)

5 Easy-to-use interactive planning tools and templates: margin calculator, range plan, buy plan, quote sheet and critical path tracker templates (valued at £200)

3 Savvy Sales Material Template Bundle: e-mail approach, line sheet and pitch template (valued at £200)

Weekly Accountability with Voxer support in between coaching calls Monday to Friday 10 am-12 pm (valued at £4000)


I highly recommend Cara's services if you want to get a fresh pair of eyes on your business and help you to attain the direction and focus you need to achieve success."

Amy, Nomad Jewellery


Plus Bonus Content

I know that once you go through the above there are some extras that you may well need, so included just for you are:
The get stocked academy tick.png

Seeking Out Suppliers: My insider guide to seeking out reliable suppliers. Know you have the best suppliers for getting your product range shelf ready with access to my 20 years of sourcing experience ( valued at £295)

The get stocked academy tick.png

Pitch Perfect Practice Session:  Pitch Perfect run-through and your next steps. As practice makes perfect, be confident in delivering your pitch and know how to get noticed with this bonus 90-minute private session (valued at £495)

Graduation Gift: On completion, you will unlock the Ignite Your Sales module and a private 60-minute coaching session which focuses specifically on taking promotions and marketing up a level (Valued at £695)


In summary, this high-touch training experience includes:

Total Value: £11,255


“Cara has a wealth of experience, really knows her stuff and is super friendly and nurturing!"

Untitled design-7.png

Fiona, Sunbird Kitchen

Will you accept your mission?

The get stocked academy large logo.png

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create and craft your brand’s pitch in 10 weeks or less ready to showcase your collections to your dream retailer so that you can get your fabulous products stocked on their shelves.

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee you will have your pitch completed and ready to showcase to retailers by the end of the program or I will keep working with you until you get this result.


That means I am personally guaranteeing your success to complete this course and breaking into retail will no longer be a barrier to you.


It also means that you risk absolutely nothing by joining the Get Stocked Academy because by the end of this training experience you will have a carefully crafted pitch presentation to curate selling your collections to buyers.  With your new approach, you’ll be attracting interest from your dream retail partner so you can grow your business. I’ll be with you until you are ready to connect with your ideal stockist and get that door opened effortlessly.


It’s important you are 100% in and 100% committed to doing the assignments given through the program to achieve the mission accomplished to be eligible for the extra training. Full details here.


You will continue to have access to all the training so you can refer to the system again and again in your business.


I am really happy to answer questions on a free call or via e-mail. Please get in touch today. I would always want you to feel 100% comfortable with your investment. In the meantime here are a few answers to common questions:


Q: What’s the investment?

  • A: The special Beta launch price for this training experience is £1497 for the first 3 private clients. After this, access to the Get Stocked Academy will be £3227. Payments are taken via credit card using Stripe. Payment schedules are available.


Q: What’s your time investment?

  • A: All coaching calls must be taken within the agreed 10-week period for the course. All the core coaching calls are 90 mins on zoom.


Q: What days are the training sessions?

  • A: Training session dates are booked at the time of booking. Usually, these calls happen on Thursday or Friday mornings but there is some flexibility to accommodate. 

  • The bonus coaching sessions must be taken within 1 month of completing the course.


Q: How does the weekly accountability work?

  • A: I am here for you throughout the course via whats app in between coaching calls Monday to Friday 10 am -12 pm


Q. Will I get recordings of the coaching calls?

  • A: Yes, recordings of each of the sessions will be available for you.


Q: How do I know if my business is ready to sell to stockists?

  • A: If you are considering this training experience my recommendation is you are ready if you are currently selling your products online and you have set up your social media channels. As a minimum requirement, you will need at least to have proof of concept for your products.



The get stocked academy large logo.png

I can't wait to see you inside the Get Stocked Academy.

Heres to your success!

cara signature.png

90 Day Guarantee Full Details:

To qualify, just do these few things:


1. Sign our legal guarantee signifying you understand that you understand the terms of the guarantee by the deadline (located on the home page of membership to the GSA).

2. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions I’ll give you to put the GSA system into action.

3. Use the support and the resources that are available to you.

4. Attend the LIVE coaching calls

5. Do the assignments and document your work along the way with the last submission accepted the week after the program finishes.


Then by the end of the 10-week program, you’ll either have your pitch completed or you’ll have access to additional coaching sessions available until you do.


My goal is for everyone to be eligible for the guarantee since I know you will succeed when you do the work.



Because of the nature of this program, we don’t offer any refunds or returns. Unlike other business programs where you are left to figure it out, this program offers 9 hours of LIVE coaching as well as material and additional support designed to guide you through the process.

Bidili Retail is a retail consultancy specialising in helping independent business owners scale and grow by selling with wholesale.


7 Battery End, Newbury RG14 6NX

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