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Top 3 benefits of getting stocked.

Are you too busy, to get your products stocked?

Is it because you don’t have time to search for the contacts, or you don’t have the time to work out your pricing to sell at wholesale?

For small business owners getting stocked can feel like something that is out of reach, or perhaps you see it as something that only happens to other people’s businesses not yours.

I’m here to help change all that. In this blog I’m breaking down what getting stocked can mean for your business and answering the question- Is it wholesale worth it?

I know selling your collections to stockists is a game changer for your business. It can change it from good to great! But for many, the fear of losing creativity, loss of control or diluting profits holds them back.

If this is you too, know that when wholesale is well-managed, it does not lead to any of those things, in fact, quite the opposite.

Here are the 3 main benefits of getting stocked and selling with wholesale:

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1. Increased Brand Exposure:

As a business owner, I know you have a message to share and that your products have a purpose. You want as many people as possible to experience what your product has to offer to improve your customers’ lives.

By getting your products stocked more eyes are on your brand and that is a great door opener.

It’s likely that your stockists will share, not only similar values to you but also a similar customer base. By getting stocked you are building a wider customer base who not only will buy through your stockist but also are very likely to come back and shop with you directly via your website or pop-up events.

Getting stocked brings momentum and a snowball effect leading and compounding your growth.

2. Significant Financial Gains

Building your offer with a curated collection and making it available to stockists has proven financial gains. Whilst you make less margin per unit sale you sell greater volume, and also reduce your marketing and operational costs per unit. In short, as a business founder you, yourself, are having to work less hard to sell each and every item that leaves your business to arrive at your customer’s door.

In my experience, brands often see a 60/40 split of wholesale business versus their direct-to-consumer business once they’ve got stocked.

Imagine if the value of your current direct-to-consumer business was just 40% of your total business and you had another 60% coming from wholesale.

Example: If you currently have a 20K turnover selling direct to consumer, getting stocked can increase this potential turnover on average to 50K.

3. Release Time To Be Creative

When you set up your business up to manage wholesale you need to address your operational and production capacity to fulfil your orders and as a result, plan your time. Changing your mindset to being more forward-thinking, focused, and proactive in your business can unlock significant time gains.

Thanks to streamlining your processes for larger orders you will be able to release time to be more creative. With consistent and regular wholesale orders compared to erratic seasonal selling, you’ll be more in control.

Then, with economies of scale and the right partners, you’ll also be able to afford to outsource the additional support you need. This means you can protect your creative time to ensure your creative cup stays topped up.

I’m feeling excited for you right now and where getting stocked could lead your business when you join the Get Stocked Academy.

If getting stocked is something, you would like to do for your business then joining the Get Stocked Academy could be the thing you need. The Get Stocked Academy is my signature training experience for business owners to create and craft your brand's pitch, ready to showcase your collections to your dream retailer to get your fabulous products stocked on their shelves.

Discover how to go from relentlessly pouring your heart and soul into selling your products online to creating your perfect pitch ready to confidently approach, pitch and sell to your dream retailer.

In the words of John D Rockefeller, 'Don’t be afraid to give up the good and go for the great!’

Contact me for a free discovery call.

Click here to discover more about the Get Stocked Academy.

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