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How shelf ready is your product?

Ready to grow your sales? Considering growing your product business with wholesale?

Is growing your sales something, you are interested in? Are you considering selling at wholesale? Then read on…

What does being shelf ready mean?

Often, selling either online or at a market means you can lose sight of how your products stand alone and what your product says without you saying anything at all. You are not alone! Working with product businesses I often see:

1.Creative product business owners with ranges that have grown organically but this has diluted what makes them stand out.

2. Ranges that lack cohesion and structure which means their customer browses but doesn’t buy.

3. Brand owners that are frustrated with approaching new stockists and getting no reply.


Let’s start at the beginning with this, when was the last time you took a step back to then take a step forward with your product business? Does this feel counter intuitive? I promise you it will be worth it. We all work so closely inside our businesses and sometimes we are so close to the products and juggling so many different elements of our businesses it’s easy to lose your way.

If you are currently selling online or at a market, as the business owner, at the market you are there to explain to your customers why your product is so great and how passionate you are about it. Selling online, you can use fantastic photography and great copy to highlight the benefits of buying your products and showcase testimonials about the transformational impact of using your products from making your customers feel good to saving them time.

But what does your product say without you physically being there or without the photography or copy?

Having a product that is totally shelf ready means that not only will you increase your direct sales you also have the chance to sell into stockists and grow your business with wholesale.

I recently had the pleasure of doing a talk with Gemma from the All by Mama network for their platform members. The subject was “How shelf ready is your product?” for those businesses that are looking to grow and find stockists to build their business at wholesale. I honestly talk about this a lot.

Working with ambitious female brand founders of small product-based businesses for those that want to take steps forward with their business I ALWAYS recommend you need to take a step back and look at what your product says about your brand visually.

If you are:

· A creative ambitious business owner.

· Ready to grow your business at wholesale.

· Wanting to generate more sales for a more reliable and steady income.

· Trying to connect with stockists but struggling for success.

Then, this is a question to start working out if you are ready.

Here’s the thing:

· Retailers are looking for new and exciting products like yours.

· They want products their customers will tell their friends about

· They want to work with likeminded product businesses that speak their language so they can build their community.

When you are shelf ready here’s what happens:

1. You turn your passion to profit.

2. You connect with likeminded stockists and your following grows.

3. You generate that steadier income you are striving for.

4. You have more fun!

Here are 4 ways to know if your product is shelf ready:

1. Your product is recognisable as being from your brand without you saying anything at all.

This means you must be laser focused on what your brand’s visual appearance is and how it connects to your overall look and feel not just in your physical products but in all of the marketing in your business. Are you consistent with the colours you use for example? You need to keep up consistency across your whole range. Even if you feel you are repeating yourself, I promise you, you aren’t.

2. It’s clear what your product is and who it’s for.

This is where good packaging can come into play. Using every part of your packaging to get your message out is critical. You need to understand your customer and understand what is most important to them about your product and why they buy it. If someone if looking at your products for the first time- what do you think they would say about it?

3. Your product reflects your brand values

You need to be really clear on what you brand stands for and how this translates into your products. You may have started your product business with a purpose- is that reflected in the visual appearance of your product?

4. Your product commands authority on shelf.

This looks to your range architecture- how have you built your range and why? What products are going to stand out and draw the customer over to find out more. How are you different to your competitors?

So how are you feeling about your shelf appeal? Is your product shelf ready?

To help you break this down further I have created a free checklist for your business so you can be shelf ready and grow your sales. Click here to download

If you would like to talk this over, for retail advice or tips on selling at wholesale then drop me an e-mail for a free discovery call. I work with product businesses to grow their sales with confidence.

We all know that first impressions count, and you only have a few seconds to engage with your dream customers to get them curious about what your product is or pick it up and head straight to the till credit card in hand.

I have a simple framework for supporting ambitious brands nail their shelf presence and level up their sales.

Ask me about the Get Stocked Academy. E-mail me today on

I would also highly recommend popping over to if you are a Mum or parent with a product business. The all by mama network is a community of small businesses run by mums. The network supports parents and mothers to grow their businesses alongside raising a family. It’s a really friendly and supportive network helping product business owners just like you. PLUS, It’s a great marketplace to find great gifts.


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