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Are you looking for a coach or a mentor to to help you grow your business?

Build the momentum to achieve the growth you are looking for.
Stay accountable for your goals with on going business mentoring with me.


Business Mentoring

Let's Talk! My business mentoring runs for a minimum of 3 months and starts with a strategic deep dive into who you are. We'll begin with pre-session questions and move forward from there. 

Each month is 120 mins of mentoring either face to face or on zoom and includes e-mail support in between sessions. You can either split the time into 2 sessions of 60 mins or 1 session of 120mins.

Your investment: 3 months £1620/ 6 months £3000 (pricing plans available)

  • We'll cover your strengths, weaknesses and challenges. What's holding you back and what obstacles are in your way? What are your numbers telling you?

  • We'll zoom in on what needs to be done and when to maximise your potential.

  • We'll talk short medium and long term strategies for where you want to go.

  • We'll talk processes and efficiencies to get you focused on your growth.

Arrange a free discovery call if you would like to chat about where you are and if mentoring with me could be right for you.


This is for you if.....

You are ready to commit and grow your business.

You need a retail expert.

You want to stay on track to deliver your growth plans.

You want to reach your full potential.

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  • You'll find new perspective and discover how to think differently about whats standing in your way.

  • Learn from my 20 years experience growing product categories at major UK retailers.

  • With me by your side you'll feel empowered to move forward with confidence.

  • You'll know what you want to get from your busiess and how to work towards getting it.

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