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Welcome to my boutique retail consultancy, Bidili Retail. Specialising in product and retail strategy.

I am here to help you grow your product business with winning strategies and practical tips. Based in West Berkshire, UK, I offer consultancy, 1 to 1 coaching or courses via zoom or face to face for up and coming product businesses, SMEs and entrepreneurs. 

The world of retail has turned on its head in the last 18 months. Small business has had to pivot, flex, diversify and adapt in millions of ways. If this has left you feeling like you’ve lost your way and need to refocus or you’ve now got a new fantastic product business idea you want to get going on but don’t know where to start- I can help, 

I have over 20 years’ experience as a retail buyer of homewares across online and bricks and mortar stores for major retailers. I have sourced and developed ranges from all over the world.

My aim, having created Bidili Retail, is to share the processes, mindset and strategies used by big retailers and make them relevant to small businesses to enable growth and drive profit.

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I’m totally passionate about bringing new products to market and making a success of selling them.

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